The Professional Wood Floor Installation for You Property

The three common problems that can happen to wood flooring are cupping, buckling and crowning. These problems are caused by the material characteristics used and improper installation of the flooring. Another problem is that the flooring expands when its moisture content increases and contracts when its moisture content decreases. The quality wood floor installation can be noticed from a distance and why do it yourself when you can hire a wood flooring company that can give deliver the quality you need? With U R Floored Today, you can always receive the desired results and you will be proud with your flooring.

Based in Coconut Creek, FL, we are a company that offers a great variety of flooring, including hardwood and laminate flooring. Our experienced installers provide a fast and reliable service as they always use nothing but professional tools and methods for the quality job done, at affordable prices. We have over 25 years of experience and always know what our customers want, as we can tell by the smiles on their faces, at the end of each project.

We use nothing but the proper installation techniques. Different types of wood flooring require different installation methods. Our highly-trained professionals have the expertise to nail down solid wood flooring or click together a floating flooring system. Hardwood flooring installation comes with a lot of tough choices to make. There are more options for wood flooring on the market today than there ever were, and the numbers get higher and higher every day. Not only do you have to choose a species of wood, but then, you will have to choose your finish and whether the wood is finished on-site or at the factory. Our employees can help you with all these difficult decisions and come up with the best plan for your needs.

Contact the right wood floor installation expert for your project! Call U R Floored Today at (954) 729-0033, or feel free to come to our office in Coconut Creek, FL for more information about our services!


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